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An interesting trick in some cases in blackjack works a trick with an approving smile with an equal number of points from the nyspins casino and you. And it works even if you have one less point. The croupier, looking at the player, seeing his approving reaction to what is happening, might think that you won. Most often it works if there are more than 4 cards in the box. Is the nyspins casino new and does not feel very good and fast. Help him in this, performing quick and correct calculations. But when no one is around, try a bit to shift the advantage in your favor and name the amount of points in your favor.

This trick is sure to be discovered. Give it up, politely apologizing to the nyspins casino. In the case where there are 3 or more cards in your box, and in total they give 12 points, allow yourself a slight humor, asking the nyspins casino for ten. The croupier, having distributed the top ten, can quite decide at a subconscious level that you have blackjack. And even if such an error is found, then to represent a sincere surprise - they say, was mistaken, with whom it does not happen, will not be difficult.

It's amazing, but there are cases when casino employees pay for losing combinations only on the grounds that the player behaves like a winner. Winningly shouts, throws up his hands, hugs a number of seated partners. Your behavior may well refuse to influence the nyspins casino and this should not be underestimated. An unpleasant smell is your trump card. For example, a strong smell of tobacco or garlic, especially if the nyspins casino is a girl, can influence her. It is likely that she will try to serve your box as soon as possible and turn to other players not to hear such a smell.

If the nyspins casino did not put a shear card into the deck, leaving it outside of the dress code, it's not necessary to hurry to remind him about it. In some cases, the nyspins casino hands out the cards to the end of the dress, without even thinking about where the cutout is and why it is not. The benefit that a card counter can derive from such an error is hard to overestimate. Whether such a strategy is justified and how correctly it can be applied is up to the reader. Your task is to convince the nyspins casino to count a small search as 21 points.